Hello writers, editors, bloggers, and publishers,

I am Dana K. Cassell, a long-time writer, editor, publisher, and general word person — and inveterate collector of tools of the trade.

I’ll bet you are, too! But so many programs, how-to books, apps, reports, devices are offered almost hourly today — which to try, which to buy — I can spend more time debating about what to buy or download for free than I do using the item!  Have you ever faced the same problem?

It sure helps when someone else shares their opinion and experience. Well, that’s what I am doing via this small website . . .

I will share with you the programs, information, and tools that I have personally tested, used, benefited from, and can sincerely recommend. Most of the time I will simply share with you a link directly to the recommended product or service. In a few cases, I will add a page with a case history of how something works.

For some tools and aids , I will have affiliate status, meaning I will receive referral fees for actual purchases. In other cases, I will simply be recommending something I like without any affiliation. Be assured that even when affiliate status is involved, it will not cost you anything extra — affiliate fees simply help cover the cost of this blog and our other websites, blogs and eZines.

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